Outdoor construction power supply small gasoline generator

Outdoor construction power supply small gasoline generator

May 05, 2023

Gasoline generator set is a kind of power generation equipment, refers to the gasoline and other fuel, is the other forms of energy into electrical equipment, it is driven by water turbines, steam turbines, diesel engines or other power machinery, the water flow, airflow, fuel combustion or nuclear fission generated energy into mechanical energy to the generator, and then the generator is converted into electricity.

Why is the gasoline generator so expensive, you know that other models of generators are only a few hundred dollars. In fact, gasoline generators are expensive for their own reasons, and their quality is worthy of your trust. If you have not used gasoline generators, then here we have to give you a serious introduction, a penny a penny is reasonable, cheap is not good goods. If on the basis of the same price, the quality of gasoline generators is better. So, which of the evaluation of a generator good or bad?

The main indicators here are power, generator material, fuel consumption, noise, generator weight and so on. In this era of so much developed information, the generator's to choose the hard, gasoline generator noise, high quality materials, fuel consumption, called the user's choice!

1、excellent fuel-saving performance, saving fuel costs

The use of the load size automatically adjust the speed of energy-saving technology; lightweight design, to achieve light weight and miniaturization: the use of high-speed multi-pole generator and frequency milling and power of the part of the combination, in addition to the flywheel, to achieve light weight and miniaturization; strong output power, fuel consumption more; silent effect, bring quiet effect gasoline generators belong to environmentally friendly units, emission standards to reach the EU II or III and EPA environmental protection Standard, for a long time, this shining has been closely linked to its three core values - quality, safety, environmental protection. Diesel generator set features: good air-cooled starting characteristics, strong loading capacity, small size, fuel consumption, and long life.

2、 Standard configuration

Fuel gauge, machine oil consumption, automatic electromagnetic oil control device, protection device

Output indicator, voltmeter, leakage protection, electric start full set of devices

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How to choose a gasoline generator?

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