How to choose the right generator?

How to choose the right generator?

Jul 25, 2023

Here's what we'll tell you about how to choose a generator in the end! When buying a small generator, one of the first things you might consider should be whether to choose a diesel generator or a gasoline generator.

First of all you have to consider whether the use of the generator is long-term or short-term.

Short-term can choose to rent. Long-term use, you have to consider how much budget, secondly, after considering the use of time and budget. Just consider the actual use will be used to how many KW, because the perpetual motion machine has not been created, the generator can hit the power of up to eighty percent. Meaning that a 30kw generator can only send out 24kw of electricity. And this 24kw is best not to reach at the same time, full load on the machine is very hard.

In response to this problem, need to first understand what characteristics of diesel generators and gasoline generators have.

From the weight, the same power diesel generators than gasoline generators to more than 50% heavier, such as 5 kilowatts of generators, gasoline generators 80 kg, diesel generators weigh up to 120 kg or more;

In terms of noise, diesel generators are about 10 decibels higher than gasoline generators; in terms of fuel consumption, diesel generators are about 30% more fuel-efficient than gasoline generators of the same power;

In winter, gasoline generators are better than diesel generators to start.

In view of the above two generator characteristics, you need to be clear in the purchase of the use of generators using the environment, the highest requirements for that, especially the noise and weight requirements, must be carefully considered, especially in urban areas, the high noise requirements, if the choice is not careful to cause nuisance complaints, it may not be worth the loss; need to often move the scene, the weight of 80 kg two people can still lift, but the weight of 120 kg two people will be able to lift. But the weight of 120 kg two people can not lift.

Next, consider whether you are using 380v or 220v wiring problems. This is a specific problem, specific analysis. For example, 30kw generator set with 7.5kw of water office is best to bring only 2, 3 is quite a strain. And the water office to start one by one. Water office start instantly have double current, safety first.        Then, it is the choice of online shopping or physical stores. Although it is said that online shopping is very aspect, feel that the price is cheaper. In fact, otherwise, some entity stores have better prices. Belmont supports online order submission form, after-sales service is the most important to buy generators.

Generator in the use of the process does not lack of water and oil, the failure are relatively small, once the problem, there is no timely after-sales service, to provide value-added services, or even value-added services, delay.

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