How to choose a gasoline generator?

How to choose a gasoline generator?

May 18, 2023

Gasoline generator as a common power generation equipment for production and life, has been very popular, the following is to provide you with the selection of gasoline generator: how to choose gasoline generator content, I hope it can help you.

Because the actual output power and power of generators and pumps will be affected by factors such as altitude, temperature, and environmental humidity. When the altitude, temperature and ambient humidity increase, the power of the generator will decrease in a different proportion. Please take them into account when calculating the generator power and then make the purchase to avoid insufficient power. How to buy a gasoline generator.

Likewise, because of the different types of appliances, the starting current varies greatly and the demand for generator power is also different. Therefore, when users purchase products, they should first calculate that many high-power generators can meet normal use. Specific reference is as follows: We are a professional manufacturer producing and selling gasoline generators, with advanced special production lines and advanced production equipment in the industry, efficient production, high daily output, and adequate and timely supply.

How to choose the gasoline generator?

1、resistance appliances (such as light bulbs, electric furnaces) power ratio of 1:1

2、induction appliances (such as lamps) power ratio of 1:2

3、The power ratio of electric tools and electric fans is 1:3 (such as angle grinder)

4、The power ratio of air compressor, woodworking planer, machine tool and milking machine is 1:4 (for example, 1KW air compressor needs 4KW generator).

Of course, generators, pumps, and power must follow certain procedures when in use. For example, oil should be filled in place. For machines without oil traces, add oil until it flows out (when the machine is lying flat). For machines with oil traces, oil should be added strictly according to the instructions. Too much oiling will easily lead to black smoke and flying car, etc. Too little oiling will easily cause cylinder locking. Do not refuel the oil tank when the machine is working to avoid danger. Do not refuel the oil tank of the machine when the machine is working to avoid the machine catching fire and burning the machine. The first time after 20 hours of continuous use must be changed or stored for 1 month, otherwise it will cause excessive wear and tear on the machine. Change the oil every 1 hour after the next 3 months of continuous use or storage (the last one is subject to the instruction manual of the machine). When the temperature is lower than 0°С, the diesel engine must use the diesel oil with the corresponding label corresponding to the ambient temperature of the equipment, otherwise the generator will not start normally after diesel waxing. When the temperature is lower than 0°С, the oil must be of the type corresponding to the ambient temperature of the equipment, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the generator power supply.

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